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Al Rabih History

Al Rabih : Food industry
In 1975, Al-Rabih started as s small industry producing home made foods and "Tahina" & "Halawa“ were the first two products signed Al Rabih.

Ten products in the market & industry development
In the late 1980’s, the company has increased to 10 the variety of its products by introducing the cans line and improved their production techniques by introducing the automatic production line of Tahini.

Al-Rabih : Wide range more than 75 products.
Since 1975, Al-Rabih was trying to meet customer needs and satisfaction by launching more than 75 quality products.

International food Award 1987.
In 1987, "Al-Rabih " won the international food award.

Certification ISO 220000 Al Rabih : First Lebanese food industry.
In 2007, Al-Rabih was the first Lebanese food company that got ISO 22000 certification for two lines “Tahini” &“Halawa”.

2012 : Congratulation, Al-Rabih son was born.
Since 2012, the company renewed its entire range and launched new products such as the category of Ready to eat "Elite". Today, the company has on the market more than 118 products.

Halawa : Product of the year 2013.
In 2013, "Al-Rabih Halawa" won the award of traditional desserts in the "Product of the Year" festival.

And the development continues !!!

Georges Nasraoui CEO.

Apricot Jam

Pomegreanate mo

Carob Molasses


Tahini Jar

Blossom water

Halawa Plain

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