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A healthy and balanced life : Quality, taste, satisfaction… Expert in the market !!

The company is committed to :
  • Provide the best quality of food under the most updated Food Safety systems so our consumers can enjoy all sorts of Mediterranean foods with the Lebanese touch.

  • Follow the Lebanese Standards (LIBNOR), taking into consideration our customer requirements and consumer feedbacks, so it can produce both a safe and high quality product. Also, Al-Rabih is registered in SLFI (Syndicate of Lebanese Food Industrialists).

  • Full compliance and regular updating with all International Legislations for Europe, America, Latin America, Australia New Zealand, Africa, and the Middle East, accordingly, so that our customers all around the world can be able to enjoy our traditional goods.

  • Produce under the latest Food Safety Programs (HACCP and ISO 22000:2005) techniques to ensure a
    high level of control and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Halawa Plain

Pomegreanate mo


Carob Molasses

Apricot Jam

Blossom water

Tahini Jar

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