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CEO Message

                         Georges Nasraoui CEO.
The Lebanese war started in 1975 and caused the closure of many establishments, the emigration became more frequent, my decision was to stay in my country and establish a factory producing crushed sesame paste and halawa in traditional methods.

This was the departure with hard work, we have developed the manual production to mechanization from two type of products to about two hundred products, as from restricted geo-graphical limit to spread covering the world, and the achievements follows in succession without interruption.

So we were the first Lebanese factory producing crushed sesame paste and halawa, processing the ISO 22000 certificate (law of management and food safety) With days and years of progress, we plan to develop all our products, so the work has started in adding continuously new products with maintaining the high quality of all our brands modern looks to our customers who are considered as our partners, therefore "AL RABIH" was designated in a distinguished look.

By virtue of the permanent quality control, modern lines of sophisticated machineries had been added to ensure the highest level of food safety for our canned products, and strict conditions were put to control the receipt of raw materials.

Therefore the nomination of "AL RABIH" became the sun shining in Lebanon and in the world. The tact of the consumer is the most important asset we lean on to develop and ameliorate our products to reach every home in Lebanon and in abroad countries.

We are working on to give “Al-Rabih” and the others brands that we produce the best image to our delicious Lebanese foods in order to win the trust of our customers.

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Carob Molasses


Apricot Jam

Blossom water

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